Coyote Wheel Accessories

As Revolution Supply's in-house brand, Coyote Wheel Accessories leads the pack when it comes to top-quality wheel installation hardware. Whether it's our heat-treated spline lug nuts, forged wheel adapters, or our super-sticky adhesive wheel weights, Coyote manufactures premium accessories that you can proudly display on your shelves and confidently stock in your shops.

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ORO-TEK is our versatile line of OE Tire Pressure Monitoring System replacement products. Every ORO-TEK sensor comes out of the box ready for installation, no confusing extra steps for programming and cloning!

Choose patented iORO Universal line and reduce inventory to 3 sensors while covering 92% of vehicles on the road…Or choose our single protocol sensors for direct fit, value-priced OE replacement units. With a full line of ORO-TEK valve stem service kits and a team of customer support TPMS gurus, Revolution is your one-stop shop for all things TPMS.

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